About Us

Station X is a collection of Linux geeks and enthusiasts who love free software and the open source ethos. We have been developing software solutions across the Web and Mobile since 2013, and now build and design some of the best Linux-based hardware in the business.

We are based in Bletchley Park - the original home of the Second World War Codebreakers and the birthplace of modern computing. Known during the war as 'Station X', Bletchley Park is now a world-renowned museum and heritage site - and we are very honoured to have our headquarters located in one of the historic blocks.

We are extremely proud of our location - and if you ever fancy a visit, please do drop in!

Station X Systems Limited
Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive
Bletchley, Buckinghamshire MK3 6EB

Registered in England & Wales: 10828315


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