Solus 3: Simply the Best New Independent Distro

The gang here at Station X have been fans of the Solus Project for quite a while now - but to be totally honest, none of us have actually decided on Solus for our main machines (eg. the fabled 'daily driver').

That may be about to change with the release of Solus 3 - a distribution that has truly come of age and one we are happy to label the BEST new Independent Distro of the year - and quite frankly, it's now in the conversation for best Distro of the Year - period.

So what has changed here. Well, just about everything.

The flagship Budgie desktop is smoother, has more thoughtful animations, some wonderful additions like new applets, greater tweak controls, and an altogether beautiful set of default themes and icons. The GNOME version got some love too with the fantastic addition of one of our favourite GNOME tools, Plotinus (seriously, more distros should be preloading this as standard), and a number of Nautilus and Calendar updates. Even the MATE desktop version gets a few minor fixes and tweaks.

But the star of the show has to be the HUGE move by Solus to include out-of-the-box support for snaps - allowing software snobs like us yet another means of installing our favourite applications onto Solus (beyond the maintained repository). And this ladies and gentlemen may the main reason Solus finds its way into the rarefied air of 'daily driver land' for some of us here at Station X.

Beyond the visual changes, Solus just seems to run much snappier, has far fewer crashes and issues than we have seen in the past, and feels truly bleeding edge with Linux kernel 4.12.7 ready to roll out-of-the-box. Seriously, the argument that Arch or true rolling distros are way ahead of non-rolling distros like Solus is starting to disappear. With Solus you can now have the best of both worlds - the latest, cutting edge packages, with an extremely stable base. What more could you ask for?

We can already see the excitement from the Station X community as we are getting almost daily requests for more Solus-related customisations to our laptops (and yes, we are working on getting a Solus sticker for the Superkey!).

Hats off to Ikey and the Solus Team for creating something really special here - a truly Independent distro with all the bells and whistles (and many more!) than many of the established or forked distros (who have been around for ages longer).

In a lot of ways, Solus 3 changes the game - and we are happy to be along for the ride!