The Manjaro Special Edition Spitfire Is Here !

Put simply - we are so excited to announce the latest edition to our laptop lineup - and what a Special Edition it is!

In association with the Manjaro Development Team, Station X is extremely proud to announce Pre-Orders are now available for the new i5 Manjaro Edition of our Spitfire laptop.

Manjaro (and Arch fans) take notice - this goes WAY beyond a simple pre-load. The Manjaro team has been working closely with Station X for months, and the results are simply astounding.

Our Spitfire has undergone some serious surgery to become the ultimate marriage of hardware and software. The Manjaro guys have created a very special edition of their flagship XFCE distribution fully tuned to the Spitfire. From intricate kernel tweaks, to streamlined settings, and even custom changes to battery, cpu, and sound settings - our humble Spitfire has now become the ULTIMATE Manjaro Machine.

And it looks the part as well - with a your choice of a black or white Manjaro logo on the lid and fully custom designed XFCE themes, wallpapers, and icons designed specially for Station X by the Manjaro Team.


And that's not all.

The Manjaro Edition Spitfire will be fully supported by the Manjaro Team with updates integrated directly into the standard Manjaro repos - so you receive every update (and custom updates built specifically for the Spitfire) directly from the source.

As always, you'll be able to design the exact version of the Manjaro Spitfire you fancy - and we will be launching with two versions - the Manjaro Special Edition i5 Spitfire (coming at the end of October), and the Manjaro Special Edition Spitfire Pro at the end of November (with i7 processors and a laser-engraved Manjaro logo on the lid).

Pre-Orders for the Manjaro Special Edition i5 Spitfire have now begun - and we start shipping the first machines by the end of October.

The Manjaro Special Edition Spitfire Pro with an i7 Processor will launch later this year.

Mark your calendar - and stay tuned on Twitter to @ManjaroLinux and @StationXlinux for all the details!