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Gorgeous Linux laptops and desktops.

Station X designs laptops and all-in-one powerhouses meticulously crafted to run Linux. No Windows or Mac here, folks. We are Linux advocates who believe in providing you the most free and open devices to create your most important work.

All of our machines are 100% user serviceable and upgradeable, run most Linux distros effortlessly, and come preconfigured in any combination you desire - and that includes your pre-loaded distro of choice. From Arch to Ubuntu - we love em all!

Introducing the Manjaro Spitfire!

We are very excited to announce the Manjaro Special Edition Spitfire - designed exclusively for Station X by the Manjaro Team. This goes way beyond a pre-loaded version of Manjaro. This is a comprehensive, finely tuned Manjaro Machine! 


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Beautiful machines.

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All distros welcome.

As Linux enthusiasts we were tired of trying to hack together our perfect machine - so we decided to make them ourselves. Every part and every element of our computers have been hand selected to ensure out-of-the-box capatibility with most Linux distros.

And we're always there to help out and lend a hand. After all, Linux is about community, and that's exactly what our machines are designed to deliver.

Introducing: The All New Spitfire

Our new all-aluminum, all-beautiful MacBook Pro killer. Light as a feather, and fast as a...well...a Spitfire. This is the Linux ultrabook the community has deserved. Sorry Apple.

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